Introducing the new way to pay

Start settling your payments with crypto today, easier faster better easier than ever!


Make the most of your payments


SEND Pay is a new payment system that lets you pay with ease and earn rewards for every transaction.


Transactions are instant and feeless for both customers and merchants, making it the perfect choice for busy shoppers or businesses looking for a hassle-free payment solution.

Are you a Merchant?


SEND Pay offers the latest in secure payment processing technology, so you can rest assured that your business is ready for whatever comes next.


With SEND Pay, you can accept payments in crypto and traditional currencies, making it easy for customers to pay how they want to pay.


You can implement SEND Pay easily, from pre-built shopping cart plugins and buttons to Points of Service and custom API/SDK integrations.

Discover Send business

The ultimate card for crypto and cash

With a SEND Debit Card, you can use your crypto literally everywhere and earn rewards for all of your purchases

  • Transact at 60million+ merchant locations both online and offline worldwide

  • Enjoy instant top-ups and payment completion

  • Benefit from interbank exchange rates without markups overseas

  • Spend right away with Apple or Google Pay

  • Enjoy exclusive card rewards and benefits including up to 8% cashback per asset when you stake SENDC tokens

  • Carry a cool metal card with our custom designs

Spend crypto on debit, prepaid, or virtual cards

Manage your card seamlessly on the app

Apply for a SEND Debit Card and manage all of your activity

  • Convert crypto to fiat for immediate access
  • Withdraw cash
  • Freeze, or unfreeze your card
  • Upgrade your card tier
  • Track your transactions
  • Manage your rewards

Stake SENDC tokens for exclusive card benefits

Buy Now, Pay Later

We understand that sometimes you wish to make a purchase but your paycheck is still a few weeks out. That’s why add this integrated with the leading flexible payment service providers to give you the time you need without drowning in accumulating interest.

Buy now, pay later lets you pay off your bills over six weeks without paying interest or fees, just by using your crypto as collateral

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