Accept crypto in-store

The modern SendCrypto Terminal, with its sleek glass-and-chrome design, supports an array of cryptocurrencies and crypto wallets. It simplifies retail purchases, just like regular credit card transactions. Just get paid in crypto and receive your local currency.

Customers pay 0% Retailers pay 1% Customers pay 0% Retailers pay 1% Customers pay 0%
Customers pay 0% Retailers pay 1% Customers pay 0% Retailers pay 1% Customers pay 0%

Accept crypto payments from clients receiving them in local currency,
directly deposited to your bank or wallet, in-store and offline!*

Get paid fast

Using a QR created by us and made by you. you share your QR . your customer pays, and you get paid.

Streamlines online processes with our widgets

Easily integrate to your website our crypto payment widget, and start getting paid with crypto just like you would with PayPal.

Embrace the future of payments, pay by links

No website? No worries! We’ve got you covered!
Generate a secure payment link hosted by us.
Share the link, your customer pays, and you receive
payment in the preferred local currency straight to your bank.

CRS/Point of sale solutions

An integration solution for retail and mobile businesses’ Cashier Systems, facilitating seamless acceptance of cryptocurrency payments.

Merchants incur only a 1% transaction fee* when using SendCrypto Terminal & Widget

*This may differ depending on jurisdiction and industry

Reach fresh customers and explore a new revenue potential

*This may differ depending on jurisdiction and industry

All SendCrypto for Business products and services are powered by UAB Lunu Europe. The term "sendCrypto's" used on this website for marketing purposes refers to the products and services provided by UAB Lunu Europe. SendCrypto is an affiliate of UAB Lunu Europe and does not directly offer any of these services to users. The use of "SendCrypto's products" is purely for promotional and marketing reasons on this website.

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What the faq? What the faq? What the faq? What the faq? What the faq?
What the faq? What the faq? What the faq? What the faq? What the faq?

First, you need to decide how you want to settle your cryptocurrency earnings. You can select to convert the received digital assets to fiat currencies, or keep them in their original form. If you decide to withdraw your earnings in fiat currencies like Euros or US dollars, you can request payouts to your bank account via the Console. Otherwise, withdrawals will be paid out automatically as soon as the amount reaches at least €1,000. We process the withdrawal requests within 24-36 hours.

Minimum withdrawal amount is currently €1,000.

Our customers shall set prices in EUR. Upon the transaction request the buyer will see the best possible exchange rate (offered via Lunu Processing) to EUR based on its selection of crypto-currency with which it pays.

Yes. In fact, you can keep any digital asset that you accept in its original form. You can configure your invoice and settlement options in your Lunu Console by editing the settings of existing merchant tool.

It all depends on the type of business you run or represent. Generally, companies have to provide these documents:

  • Business Registration (also known as Business registration document/certificate);
  • Article of Association (AOA, also known as Constitution, Memorandum, Articles of Incorporation);
  • Photo ID Document issued by the government (International Passport or ID card only).
  • Proof of Residence not less than 6 months old

IMPORTANT! All required documentation must meet these conditions:

  1. All paperwork must be in English, and any translations must be notarized.
  2. Everything must be sorted out by the director of a company or authorized personnel. POA is required if acting on behalf of the director or company.
  3. All paperwork must be official meaning it has to be stamped and/or signed, depending on the local laws of a customer.

Documents provided in any other format will be immediately rejected. Here’s all the information you need to know before starting the verification process.


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