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Give more than 300 million crypto holders a way to pay that they know and trust.

 Besides cryptocurrencies, the terminal accepts major credit cards and contactless payments via NFC systems like Apple Pay and Android Pay. This versatile terminal streamlines various transactions, and it's competitively priced, currently undergoing certifications for credit card acceptance.

An innovative
shopping encounter

Customers pay 0 1 %

Retails pay 1 0 %

The Sendcrypto Widget then converts the crypto to local currency, with the payment directed to the retailer's online account in fiat. Retailer transaction costs for the Sendcrypto Widget are only 1%*, and customers incur no additional crypto-exchange fees.

*This may differ depending on jurisdiction and industry.

Embrace the future of payments with Sendcrypto's Pay Link—where cryptocurrency transactions are as simple as sharing a link.

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