Enhance Business Operations with Seamless Crypto Integrations

SendCrypto provides businesses with the best tools to give customers the freedom to pay in crypto


Shopping Cart Plugins

Use our pre-built plugins on all of the major e-commerce platforms

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Payment Buttons

Any website can easily adopt crypto payments with SEND Pay buttons

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API/SDK Integrations

Create a custom crypto experience for your clients by integrating SendCrypto payments with just a few lines of code

Mobile App

Just download the app and start to accept crypto payments in minutes

Point of Sale

Accept crypto payments anywhere in person with a SEND Box


Enjoy instant, free transaction processing


Choose which crypto and fiat currencies to accept as payment


Integrate SEND Pay in minutes

Payment Requests Made Simple

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    Bill your customers and get paid in crypto

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    Mailing an invoice is now as simple as sending a link

Seamless Reporting & Management on the Super App

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    Manage your account and track your business performance on the go

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    Transaction reporting tools to streamline your accounting and reconciliation

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