Do business
with crypto

Accept crypto payments in your app, online, or in person and tap into the crypto community of more than 100 million people

Pay by

No website? No worries! We've got you covered

Generate a secure payment link hosted by us. Share the link, your customer pays, and you receive payment in the preferred local currency straight to your bank.

CRS/Point of sale solutions

An integration solution for retail and mobile businesses' Cashier Systems, facilitating seamless acceptance of cryptocurrency payments.

Key benefits

Omnichannel solution

SendCrypto Terminal for in-store and SendCrypto Widget for online transactions.


Zero risk

Zero crypto volatility risk for retailers and customers. Fully compliant with the UAE AML Laws, all KYC and KYB.


Major cryptocurrencies

Accepting as a mean of payment:BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, BNB, XRP, TRX, etc.


Popular crypto wallets

Such as Binance Pay, Blockchain Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, Metamask etc. integrated for secure payments.


Local currencies

Used for same-day, automatic payment settlements to retailer account No chargebacks, no risk of fraud.


Retailer transaction fee

Competitive and comprehensive.

*Tailored fee based on your business specifics.

Adopt cryptocurrencies effortlessly

Utilize Sendcrypto's rapid checkout Widget, Terminal, Pay By Link, and APIs.

Reach fresh customer and explore a new revenue potential

Simple & Secure

Access your cryptocurrency
payment gateway
 with just a click

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