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Get paid faster.
Much faster.

With SendCrypto payments are direct and fast, request your payment and get paid instantly. Score!

Get paid

Do more with your crypto, sooner

With SendCrypto, you can use your crypto to settle up with friends faster, shop with SEND DEBIT CARD* sooner, or pay with crypto on your favourite mobile sites and apps.

*SendCrypto does not charge for paying crypto from your SendCrypto wallet. There is a 2% fee for paying using your SEND CARD.

Set-up is simple

Set-up isimple

Get SendCrypto

Open SendCrypto app.
Go to Profile → Connect wallet.

Create a request

Choose the crypto and the amount you want to get paid.

Send your employers

If your employers have SendCrypto, choose their business profile. In the case they don't, send him an QR invoice via email or any other messenger app.

Do more with crypto

Pay in apps & online

Check out with SendCrypto, then share your finds with friends.


Pay businesses the same way you pay your friends on SendCrypto.

Send debit card

Take your crypto shopping everywhere debit card is accepted.