Send & Receive – Manage Balance

Your crypto,
made easy

Managing the crypto you have in SendCrypto is easy. We made it simple to move crypto and adjust your balance the way you want, in just a few taps.

How top-ups works

Connect a Web3 wallet

Link any Web3 wallet to your SendCrypto dApp.

Authorise SendCrypto dApp

Authorize and sign your Web3 wallet to be linked to your SendCrypto dApp.

Transfer Coins

You’re good to go. Select the coins you want to transfer to your SendCrypto balance.

Do more with crypto


Control freak?

You can use SendCrypto as an interface to aggregate all your Web3 wallets. Have full control over all your transactions by signing each of them. This way you still enjoy the awesome features SendCrypto offers without needing to top up your SendCrypto account.