Limitless Cryptoeconomy

Faster, cheaper, better


Send Crypto

Transfer crypto to anyone instantly and without fees. SendCrypto eliminates the need to wait sometimes hours until sending or receiving your crypto. Thinking twice before sending your crypto is now a thing of the past.

Store Crypto

You can now store any one of your cryptocurrencies in a safe and regulated environment and have the choice of whether you would like to have your coins safeguarded in our insured cold storage wallet or in the non-custodial wallet of your choice


Wallet Custody is an integral part of the SendCrypto ecosystem. When you open a wallet with SendCrypto, our Custody services are included, giving you maximum wallet security, accessibility, and peace of mind that you won’t lose access to your assets. We store all wallets with a unique cold-storage hybrid solution to keep them secure and accessible at all times.

Custody is oftentimes the most overlooked financial service of them all. With crypto, however, it may very well be the most important.

Here’s why

When you open a crypto wallet on your own, you are given a twelve-word seed phrase. This phrase is the key to restore your wallet. If you lose it, your wallet is lost forever


Hot Storage

A comfortable and efficient way to have your coins available at all times, but also susceptible to being stolen by hackers


Cold Storage

A more secure but less efficient way to store your coins, as they are not easily available and restoring it requires you not to lose your 14 phrases restoring keys

SendCrypto is leading the industry by developing the ultimate hybrid solution between integrating Custodial and none custodial solutions into the holistic SendCrypto ecosystem


Even with a good Custody service, there remains a small margin of error outside of human control that can lead to the damage or loss of assets. Therefore, SendCrypto includes a third-party insurance solution on top of the base Custody standard to ensure the guaranteed safety of your assets.

Buy & Sell Crypto

On/Off Ramp Service

Convert your fiat to crypto or your crypto to fiat in just two taps on the SendCrypto app and know that you’re getting the best rate for every exchange.

SendCrypto is the only place to buy crypto at true cost

Our exchange engine pools liquidity from all of the major exchanges and routes orders to ensure that you are getting the Best Execution Price. You can also convert crypto to cash with your SEND Debit Card for instant access.

Our growing list of supported fiat currencies includes:


exchange crypto

Swap and exchange between over 100 different coins instantly via our bridges with the top liquidity platforms out there

* SendCrypto’s best execution algorithm ensures that our users get the best available rates

Crypto Lending

Users who look to earn income on their crypto investments will be able to lend to borrowers and receive attractive APYs on a variety of tokens

*Terms & Conditions apply. Not available in the USA

Crypto Borrowing

Get maximum spending power out of your assets without selling them

We don’t limit your credit based on your income or credit score

In fact, we don’t even check your credit history

Card payment

On our app, anyone can get the credit limit they want in just a few taps

You’ll see your credit appear instantly in your wallet, ready to access immediately


Statement deadlines are history

Now you can pay your bills at your own pace, worry-free

*Bonus: reduce your APR significantly by holding SENDC tokens. Not available in the USA

Track Crypto

Monitor 200+ coins at your fingertips in the coin tracking tab. Track coins across useful metrics including price, volume, market cap, % change, which are refreshed and updated frequently.

Stake Crypto

Start earning returns on all of your crypto assets with just a few taps on the SendCrypto app

Stake SENDC tokens

  • Earn up to 8% annual interest
  • Receive bonus yield when you provide liquidity with your staked SENDC
  • Get discounts on swap fees

Stake Anything - no lock-up

Earn up to 3% annual interest for soft-staking the cryptocurrencies you hold in your wallet without locking up your coins.

Supported tokens include:

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDC, Tether

*Not available in the USA