Send & Receive – Boosted Tips

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Master SendCrypto with these tips and shortcuts.

Skipped math class 🤓

Not a problem. SendCrypto automatically helps you split payments. When you choose to split a transaction, it's as simple as choosing the friends you want to split it with. Don't worry we got the math covered, so the only thing left is to send the request and enjoy your crypto back.

pizza is cut as an animation to illustrate sharing

Express yourself 😍

Express yourself 😍

Sometimes the right emoji says it better than words. Add a personal touch to your payments notes with emoji’s, stickers and animations.

Do more with crypto

Pay in apps & online

Check out with SendCrypto, then share your finds with friends.


Pay businesses the same way you pay your friends on SendCrypto.

Send debit card

Take your crypto shopping everywhere debit card is accepted.