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Help us introduce a radically better crypto wallet to the world. Whether you’re a blogger, comparison site, or publisher, join our affiliate program and earn great commissions by promoting SendCrypto and SendCrypto for Business to your audience.

Highlights of our affiliate program

Join our affiliate program and benefit from telling your audience about the different ways SendCrypto can help them store, send, spend and invest with their crypto and NFT’s.

Send for wallet

$5 per new signup, plus $10 when the user transfers to his wallet crypto worth 25$ within 45 days. Earn $25 when your referrals Join a SendCrypto subscription plan.

Send for business

$5 per new sign-up, plus a $200 bonus when a referred business accepts their first crypto payment transaction using SendCrypto for Retail within 45 days of signup.

Choose, promote, earn

Choose, promote, earn

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Full 24/7 Support Team committed to maximizing your affiliate earnings

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The SendCrypto Affiliate Program allows site owners and any individual to earn commissions on new SendCrypto accounts and specific events. When a visitor to your site or social channels clicks on the specialized SendCrypto Online affiliate tracking links you’ve placed on your website or socials and completes a commissionable event, you earn a commission. It’s just that simple.
We encourage all interested sites to apply. We accept sites that are relevant to our products and do not contain objectionable, offensive, or illegal materials. Please be aware that our terms & conditions prohibit select industries from utilizing their services and we cannot accept these types of sites as affiliates. Affiliates must have a valid website address, and valid email address in order to participate. Affiliates can differentiate themselves by having a top-level domain name, and by providing a description of their intent to participate. We may review/reject/accept any application for any reason. By participating in the SendCrypto affiliate program, you agree to our supplemental Terms and Conditions. Participants caught violating or attempting to circumvent these rules or our strict search engine policy will have all affiliate credit voided and will not receive payouts. Additionally, they will be banned from further participation in our affiliate program.
We personally review affiliate applications every business day, and you should receive an answer up to 48 hours after applying. If we have a question about your application, we will contact you via the email address you provided upon signing up for the SendCrypto Affiliate Program.
Yes, the SendCrypto Affiliate Program welcomes international affiliates. Please be aware that SendCrypto is currently not available for customers from: Macau, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Iran, United States of America. Certain tracking events are excluded from specific customer regions and all commission payments made by SendCrypto will be made in USDT/USDC/SENDC.
Once we approve your application, you will have access within SendCrypto Affiliates dashboard to the Online banners, links, and other creative assets that you can utilize to drive traffic to Sendcrypto. You can select what best suits your audience. After deciding which links you would like to use, copy your specialized HTML link to your site and it will track your traffic and revenue. You must use the links provided in order to generate commissions. We also provide approved affiliates with a content kit that includes brand guidelines, product screenshots, and interface overviews.
Sales and clicks are tracked through affiliate links provided to affiliates in the SendCrypto network. The code provided to you when you created your link contains specific tracking parameters unique to your account. It is important that the link code is posted to your site EXACTLY as it was given when you created the link. Alterations to this code can result in lost sales and click tracking. We maintain a 30 day tracking cookie.
You can access your account at any time using the username and password that you selected when signing up for your SendCrypto affiliate account. The reporting is all web-based, and user-friendly for your convenience. If you have questions or have difficulty locating anything in the SendCrypto affiliates interface, please contact us for a walkthrough.
SendCrypto pays affiliates monthly via crypto transfer. Payments are made on or around the 15th day of the month for all affiliates who have reached the $50 minimum balance in the previous month. If your balance is less than $50, your balance will carry over to the next month.

You are also able to schedule your payments based on your account balance or on a fixed day of the month and you are welcome to choose what works best for your business.
• You have not yet met the minimum commissions.

• The events you have earned commissions on have not yet been locked.

• You have not earned any commissions.

• You have not yet set up your payment information.

• If you have questions about your payment status, please contact us.