About us

SendCrypto is on a mission to bring fast, simple, and inexpensive transactions and financial services to everyone in the world. We are harnessing the power of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to make this vision a reality.


With over 2 billion people without access to traditional banking services, we see an opportunity to bring the benefits of digital currencies to those who need it most. With our platform, anyone can send or receive payments quickly and easily, without having to worry about high fees or complex procedures. We believe that this will help catalyze the mass adoption of digital currencies, and propel us towards a better global future.

What our products offer the world

Right now, cryptocurrencies are an efficient financial vehicle with insufficient infrastructure for users. The roads to navigate and use cryptocurrencies are bumpy, curvy, and unpaved. We are building crypto highways to enhance the daily lives of individuals all over the world, allowing them to use crypto in the most simple way on a day-to-day basis.


How are we accomplishing this?

We have developed a breakthrough hybrid solution for DeFi wallet storage, innovative exchange and swap engines, as well as a vehicle for seamless fiat conversions. We have integrated all of this complex technology into one neat package - the SendCrypto ecosystem. Our simple, user-friendly interface allows individuals of every background to effortlessly access this incredible technology in the most secure way possible.


Immediate goal

Our short-term initiative is to offer a holistic, user-friendly ecosystem for individuals to efficiently and freely transact crypto and discover a world of simple and instant financial services within a secure web3 environment.


Long-term vision

SendCrypto is not merely another way to transact value. In the long term, we hope to shape the human conception of money, legal tender, and buying power altogether.